Ford's Success


Ford Tractor c. 1917

A c. 1932 Model A Ford found a parking spot next to autos that are nearly a century older in downtown Walla Walla, Washington, once the largest city in a vast region when Washington was a U.S. territory and now an agriculutral (especially wheat) and winemaking hub of Eastern Washington<br />

Model A from 1932 located nearly 100 years later. 

Ford tri-motor transport model 4-AT-A, with first enclosed cockpit

Ford tri-motor transport plane. c. 1927

Henry Ford is one of the most successful business men of all time. His company Ford Motor Co. is still running today almost 100 years later. His ideas have led to success by helping allow him to get maximum production and profit. He changed the automobile industry for the better and set many new standards that are still in force today. He did this by keeping his workers well paid and loyal to his company. It was 1927, that Ford finally moved past the Model T and created a new model car, the Model A.16 This was when the automobile industry started to become competitive as other companies such as Chevrolet emerged. After this newer models of cars were coming sooner and more rapidly as cars were starting to become more luxurious. Ford eventually started experimenting with manufacturing and crafted tractors and single-passenger planes.17 Henry Ford was one of the most well-known business men of his time and it started all with just an idea. This quote by Ford, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”, just shows that if you try hard enough your dreams can come true.