Electrifying America

The Gilded Age mark a turning point in the United States. Durinrg this time the nation experience a period of rapid growth both  geographically and economically. Many technolgical advances emerged durirng industrial revoultion including the formation of corporations, new communication sytems, and transportation innovations forever chaning the world. Many historians believe the advent of the automobile is the greatest achievement of this period,however the automobile would not be possible if the development of electric generation. Many of us take for granted the invisible energy flowing through our homes, prior to the 20th century, majority of american did not have access to adequate power. Many scientist were fascinated with the phenomena of electricity but did not know much about it. Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla would revolutionize our knowledge and and the properties of electricity. Through this exhibit we will examine the significant technological leap help reshape the world as we know. We will observe the contributions both scientist made to the new industry in addition to the widespread usage of electricity in America. 


Antonio Williams