Mafia Movement

The Influence of the Mafia

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Click thorugh the timeline to view the various cases of the Mafia throughout the United States. 




Through the various newspapers and images in the timeline, it can be inferred that the Mafia was more than just a nuisance to the American public. The "Where the Blame Lies" image explains a lot about how the public viewed the immigrants coming to the country, and many of the Mafia members were a part of this group. Because of this, and the crimes that were committed by those in the Mafia, many people did not like the new immigrants entering the United States.

The map shows a great deal of different incidents that the Mafia was involved in, and this contributed the thoughts that the American public had. It had originally began mostly in the upper east side, but quickly spread throughout the continental U.S. Many historians realize that the Mafia did exist, but do not understand the scale of the problem. The map demonstrates this effectively, and provides a more clear picture of the overall problem.



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