Four Views of Fire Keepers Barrette

Created by Linda Topash Yazel, this barrette is 5.75" by 2.75" at widest point with orange, lavender, clear, white, brown, and yellow beading. The backing of the barrette is a gold metal, with all of the beading being on the front over leather. The elongated portion of the barrette features a design on half of a flame which is cut by a quill running down the length of the barrette. The flame is surrounded by white beading of yellow, brown, clear, orange, and lavender, and has 5 quills surrounding these beads.  Parallel to this design is a series of quills running vertically. On the right end of the barrette is orange and black beading, each as a very slight "V" shape running inside one another. This same affect is seen to the left end of the oval portion with the colors red, lavender, yellow, and black. On the left end of the barrette there is a circular bullseye with clear, brown, lavender, orange, and yellow beading. In the center three dangling quill and bead pieces hang, each consisting of two quills with beads at the end. Finally, the whole of the barrette has an edge of beading that is clear and brown circling around it.