Homo neanderthalensis

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Homo neanderthalensis


Johanson, D. T.,& Edgar, B. (1996) From Lucy to Language. New York: Simon & Schuster Editions

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Lynne Schepartz

Specimen Name/Nickname

Kebara 2

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Site (Name)

Kebra Cave

Discovery Date

October 1983

Specimen/Species Time Range

60,000 years

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Specimen Data (Morphology)

This is an adult male skeleton that is almost complete from the mandible down. He is estimated to have died between the ages of 25-35. This skeleton offered the first full set of ribs, vertebrae and complete pelvis. This skeleton also had a hyoid bone which is identical to modern humans. This specimen is 1.7 meters tall which is taller than European Neanderthals. He has a large mandible with no chin. This specimen has a complete pelvis with a longer distance between the hip joints and the joint of the pubis bones in front of the pelvis. The center of gravity shifted forward so the pelvis in this individual may have lacked the degree of cushioning and shock absorption found in human pelvis.


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April 17, 2017
Early Homo Group 3
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“Homo neanderthalensis,” Hominid Fossil Repository, accessed February 19, 2020, http://projects.leadr.msu.edu/hominidfossils/items/show/67.