Homo heidelbergensisMauer 1

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Homo heidelbergensisMauer 1


Homo heidelbergensis is a middle Homo species displaying both primitive and derived traits. H. heidelbergensis has primitive traits such as a large face, a pronounced post-orbital bar, and short stature. However, H. heidelbergensis also displays more derived traits like a large brain case and dentition more in line with Homo sapiens than earlier members of the Homo lineage. H. heidelbergensis likely has an increased reliance on language and tools than H. ergaster, cognitively placing it closer to H. neanderthalensis and H. sapiens than either H. erectus or H. ergaster.

Fossil Item Type Metadata

Type Specimen

Mauer 1

Specimen Name/Nickname

"Heidelberg man"

Location (Country)


Site (Name)

A quarry near the village of Mauer

Discovery Date

October 21, 1907

Specimen/Species Time Range

500 Ka - 400 Ka

Dating Method

Biostratigraphy (water vole, Mimomys savini)


Kabwe 1
Date Added
March 21, 2017
Early Homo Group 2
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“Homo heidelbergensis—Mauer 1,” Hominid Fossil Repository, accessed February 19, 2020, http://projects.leadr.msu.edu/hominidfossils/items/show/14.