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Nearly complete cranium of P. boisei

Image 1 illustrates a reconstruction of MH1 (left) and MH2 (right) in an idealized skeleton of A. africanus.Image 2illustrates a reconstructed pelvis of MH2. Left side is a mirror image.Image 3 illustrates the original skeleton of the A. sediba,…

Craniodental remains ofA. sediba
Craniodental elements of A. sediba:cranial views "A" through "D" belong to the juvenile male holotype, MH1, and mandibular views "E" through "H" belonging to adult female, MH2. Scale bars are in centimeters.

Malapa Hominin 2—MH2
Palmar view of the hand and forearm of A. sediba paratype MH2.

A female P. boisei skull recovered in Koobi Fora, Kenya
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