Homo Sapiens Idaltu

This skull was discovered in Ethiopia and it also called Herto man. Homo Sapiens indaltu is a new subspecies and the fossils are the oldest fossils of known modern human. The fossils can be dated back to 160,000 years. Even though it has archaic features, the fossils were argued to represent the direct ancestor of modern homo sapiens.  Therefore, this species might be the oldest There are three skulls were found. BOU-VP-16/1 is a nearly complete adult cranium and it is not deformed due to pathology. It is large and robust  with a cranium capacity of 1450cc, even larger than most modern human. BOU-VP-16/2 is the second skulls were found by archaeologists and there are only few fragment found. It belongs to an adult cranium and appears to be identified larger than the BOU-VP-16/1. However, it is impossible to claim its size because it is too imcompleted. 

BOU-VP-16/5 is the third one and it consists of most of a skullcase from a child. The age of the child has been estimated about 6 or 7 years old according to the teeth remain.