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Homo ergaster—KNM-ER 3733
KNM-ER 3733 is a nearly complete female cranium from Eastern Africa dating to ~1.75 million years old.

Homo heidelbergensis—Mauer 1
Homo heidelbergensisis a middleHomospecies displaying both primitive and derived traits.H. heidelbergensishas primitive traits such as a large face, a pronounced post-orbital bar, and short stature. However,H. heidelbergensisalso displaysmore derived…

Homo ergaster—KNM-WT 15000
KNM-WT 15000, otherwise known as the "Nariokotome Boy," or the "Turkana Boy," is the nearly complete skeleton of an adolescent boy who lived in Eastern Africa approximately 1.5 million years ago.

Homo erectus—Peking Man
The reconstruction of the "Peking Man" was done by using multiple individuals found within the site at Zhoukoudian.

Acheulian Tools
"Acheulean Tools" refers to a tool-making tradition prominent in Homo species starting around 1.76 million years ago and persisting up to ~100,000 years ago. The name "Acheulean" is derived from the name of the site where material from this tradition…

Homo naledi
A hominin species with a unique combination of Australopithecine and Homo traits discovered in 2013 by Lee Berger.