Changing Representations of Ojibwe Art Forms

Since the first contact with Europeans, many shifts have taken place within the representations, processes and functions associated within various art forms of the Ojibwe people through the effects of colonization. While the motives behind European interest in Ojibwe crafting have been largely exploitative, disrespectful, and ignorant throughout history, the Ojibwe crafting practices of today serve as a source of empowerment and connection to historical identity. 

Many changes in Ojibwe crafting have taken place through the processes of commodification, the introduction of European materials and ideas, and the effects of outsider influence on both the natural environment and Ojibwe access to this natural environment. However, crafting serves as a strong connection to Ojibwe identity and has still retained many aspects of continuity throughout time, despite these shifts that have taken place through colonization. 


Clare Kiley