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This site was created as a digital history project for HST 251 at Michigan State University.

How to use the site: Pan around the map with your mouse to get a sense of Bodie and its surrounding areas. Click on a point on the map to get the name and a description of that building. Scroll along the timeline at the bottom of the map to see how Bodie changed over time. Click on a decade on the right side of the map to get an idea of what was going on during that time period.


Goal of this site: Tie together spatial information on the map with a written documentation of Bodie's history. While there are both maps of Bodie and written histories of Bodie available, this project brings them together on one site. I hope that this project enables users to gain a more complete knowledge of Bodie than they would get from either a map or written history. 

 Picture of me

Site creator: Jared Babcock. I am an undergraduate student at Michigan State University studying the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science with a minor in Information Technology. In addition to my passion for history, I enjoy watching MSU athletics, running, and spending time with my cats.