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Anti-Temperance/Prohibition Images

Anti Prohibition image.jpg

In this exhibit, you can explore different images and pictures that represented the anti-temperance movement more in depth.

Anti-Temperance/Prohibition in the Newspaper

Anti Temperance Reform Society.pdf

This exhibit provides different newspaper clippings that talked about anti-temperance.  There were anti-temperance groups across the nation.  They were very organized groups who often met up to discuss different matters involving temperance.

The "Wets": An Overview

When you think of temperance and prohibition, you do not often think about those who fought against it.  Some may think it was just a bunch of people who liked their alcohol, but it went way beyond that, and it is important to understand this.

The Anti-Prohibition Manual

The Anti Prohibition Manual (Cover).pdf

This exhibit will provide key pages from "The Anti-Prohibition Manual." This was a manual written by the "wets" to show the public why national prohibition should never happen.  It was also a means to recruit more citizens to their side, rather than the side of pro-prohibition.  They highlight many key facts and statistics showing why prohibtion is not in the publics best interest.

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